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球王会下载-客户端下载 is an enterprise which professionally manufactures metal stamping parts. At present, we have attained the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and we have complete process management so as to ensure the service of high quality for our customers in high speed.

The company is a professional manufacturer in hundreds of products of different specifications including various shield cap and butterfly-shaped washers. Meanwhile, the products can be processed according to the graphs with customers' requirements.

Complete process management to ensure high speed, high quality service for customers
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Shanghai Xuelin hardware accessories factory in line with the principle of good faith, in accordance with the attitude of sincere service to the public! To provide customers with excellent, all-round, personalized "one-stop" sales service
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    Since its establishment, the company has cooperated with many enterprises at home and abroad, such as: Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd., aerzhu company, Shenyang TBEA, Xinjiang TBEA, Qiaoshan Health Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huaming power Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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    Workshop show
  • Most die casting castings are iron-free
    (4) grounding wire specifications: according to the provisions of the Ministry, the grounding wire must be made of more than 25mm2 bare copper flexible wire (5) is mainly used in non-horizontal direction of electrified movement and high and low voltage circuit breakers and machine tools as cable, hardware, power supporting components. When working, a certain amount of liquid refrigerant should be kept in the shell shell of the tube-like hair apparatus, and the liquid level should be controlled by a floating ball valve. The height of the hydrostatic level should be about about the diameter of the cylinder. Most of the cooling tubes are immersed in the liquid, and the heat exchange is carried out in a liquid-to-liquid way. Therefore, the heat transfer effect is better and the heat transfer coefficient is larger.
  • What is the installation sequence of metal stamping dies
    General steps of metal stamping die installation (refers to the metal stamping die with a guide column) : ① according to the closing height of the die adjust the height of the press slider, so that the bottom of the slider is located at the lower dead point. The distance from the worktable is greater than the closing height of the mold.
  • Precise stamping parts production matters needing attention
    With the continuous improvement of science and technology and people living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for product accuracy. In the stamping industry, the demand for precision stamping parts is also growing. Precision stamping parts not only have high precision, but also have advantages in appearance and durability that ordinary stamping products do not have.
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